How it works

Find your date

Make Connections searches Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Grindr, the sex offender registry and more.

Screen your date

Make Connections builds a screening profile on your date, based on publicly available information on the web.

Screen your date

Make Connections builds a screening profile on your date, based on publicly available information on the web.

Look up before you hook up

Using Make Connections, you can complete a background check on your date in just a few easy minutes.

If your prospective date is already a Make Connections member, just ask for their username. They may have verified their identity, age, location, photos and more.

If your date is verified, you'll see it at the top of their profile.

If they're not a Make Connections member, that's not a problem. You can search for them by name, social media username or URL, email address or phone number.

If the name is common, you may need to use Advanced Search to narrow down the results by location and/or age range.

In the below example I run a search for celebrity monk Jay Shetty (because if you're online dating, you could use a little zen, am I right?).

Screen Your Date

Three results come up, with a preview of what Make Connections can find. The first one is the right Jay Shetty. He's not a verified Make Connections member, but there's still plenty of info available on him.

Make Connections found his age, location and professional information, as well as photos and links to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once I click through, Make Connections does an extensive web search.

The final results depend on the person's digital footprint and may include age, location, workplace, education and more.

As we saw earlier, Make Connections also looks up every major social media site. I recommend visiting every social profile as part of your screening process. Check to see that your date looks like their photos and does't have any family members they're hiding.

Make Connections also runs deep, localized searches on Google that may turn up additional information and photos you cannot find on your own.

And finally, just to be safe, Make Connections checks the sex offender registry. Because sex offenders are known to target dating app users.

Once the search is complete Make Connections shows you what it found, as blue icons. When icons are gray, it means Make Connections searched but didn't find anything.

Here's how Jay Shetty's final profile looks.

Jay Shetty Profile

Always know before you go

Purpose-designed for online dating, Make Connections is the best background check app there is for singles who are looking to avoid scams and stop wasting time on bad dates.

Make Connections provides accurate data that is relevant to dating, and sidesteps junk that you don't need and don't want to pay for.

Make Connections is also the only people search engine that is transparent about what we find on someone before you pay, so that you can decide for yourself if it's worth it. And, we don't force you into months subscriptions that auto-renew.

Membership is 100% free, including viewing the profiles of other Make Connections members.

Background check your date for free

New users get one free background check credit. Don't risk another bad first date - sign up today!